Wild Jasmine Florist & flower School

Sustainable Floristry in the heart of Sherwood Forest

“I can’t stop looking at my flowers; they are so beautiul””.     Emma – 2023

Wild Jasmine isn’t your run-of-the-mill florist. Here, sustainability is woven into every petal, we craft floral arrangements that are both stunning to look at and kind to the planet.

If you’re organising Bridal flowers then you should talk to us here at Wild Jasmine. We’re all about creating wedding florals that feel as warm and inviting as your favourite family gathering. You’ll be walking down the aisle, the star of the show, amongst flowers that express your vision for your special day whilst being sustainable grown and kinder to the planet. Each bloom will be hand-picked with love for the Earth, not just for your special day.

Do you want create your own floral masterpieces? Then join us at one of our fun and informative workshops where you’ll learn sustainable floristry techniques, and master the art of crafting exquisite arrangements and wreaths perfect for adorning your door or gifting with a touch of originality and flair. Or if you’re contemplating a career change then join us on our floristry courses, No prior experience needed! We’ll take you on a floral journey, starting with beautiful hand-tied bouquets and progressing to impressive large-scale installations.  At every step, we’ll encourage you to explore and develop your own creative voice in floristry.

Hi, I'm Tracy, your florist & sustainable floristry mentor at Wild Jasmine